Geneviève Mathieu

Vegetal sculptor

I have always been passionate about floral design and decoration, Artisan then Artisan d'Art, I like to imagine sets, sculptures and other plant creations for architects, galleries, renowned hotels ...
Member of Ateliers d'Arts de France, it is with pleasure that I associate myself with other creators to imagine sculptures, frescoes, paintings or trees mixing natural materials, earth, iron or glass and vegetable to bring a some fantasy, an unlikely piece of nature in an often dehumanized urban universe.

Manoli Gonzalez

Sculpteur céramiste

Une mystique prend source à l’intérieur de nous quand on est face au travail de Manoli Gonzalez, aérien, tactile et léger comme une substance en devenir, une lumière partagée.
Whether aerial or mobile, the sculptures of Manoli Gonzalez would be the vision of a hidden face, a succession of imaginaries, or the vegetative modulable would be the trace of the passage of the living.
His medium of passion, porcelain, seems to spring from his heart, to offer a transcended space where light is fullness, serenity, mobility, reverie.
His works are like writings that adapt and integrate any case, exterior or interior architects think and create for their customers.

Albert Lefranc 11-13 éditions Ed « Femmes d’Art des Métiers d’Art »